Vega School Postgraduate Application 2020


Vega School Postgraduate Application 2020

About Vega School Postgraduate Application

It is important to note there is no such thing as blanket “international recognition” for any academic institution as this would imply that all countries and all other institutions have somehow validated the qualifications of one university or higher education provider. Internationally, higher education institutions make their own rules about whose qualifications they accept. There are agreements between countries to mutually recognise the quality assurance systems but, in the end, it comes down to the preference of specific institutions.

What is possible is that an institution has met the requirements of an accrediting or recognition body in another country, or that it has a relationship with another institution, or that its qualifications are given some credence, because the countries have an agreement.

In our case, The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) is accredited as an international higher education centre by the British Accreditation Council, which is the body that accredits private higher education in the UK. This is in addition to our local accreditation and registration. That means we have been assessed and found to offer higher education at both the required South African and UK standards. This provides an additional stamp of approval.

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Admission Requirement

All countries have clearing houses to approve international qualifications. In South Africa this work is done by SAQA. If you are presenting a South African qualification overseas, the institution or employer will first check with SAQA that the qualification is registered here. They will then compare curriculum and outcomes and ascertain your likelihood of coping in that system. Our graduates have, to date, moved with ease into international institutions or employment with our qualifications, but it takes – for us and everyone else – some effort to put the evidence together as each place has their own requirements.

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Yes, an IIE degree is of the exact same standard as one found in any public university or private institution. The IIE qualifications at Vega have a strong focus on brand leadership and management, brand strategy, innovation and creative brand communication design.

It is our unique purpose to produce IIE graduates who are able to design and create original strategic solutions for brand challenges in business and society.

Application Procedure

Provide your personal details.

Complete your educational background.

Provide your contact details.

Submit your Application.

Pay your non-refundable Application Fee for 2020.

Standard Application Fee: R850 (1 June – 31 October 2019)

Late Application Fee: R1 250 (1 November 2019 – 28 February 2020)