University Of Venda Residence Application 2020

Download University Of Venda Residence Application forms for ;

1 First Entering Students

2 Returning Students

Univen Application for Residence

Application for admission to a University residence must be made on the prescribed form to reach the University in September of the year which precedes the year in which he/she intends to register.
Please click here to access the residence application form for first entering students or click here to access the residence application form for returning students

By signing the application for admission a student undertakes to abide by the rules and regulations applying to residential students of the University of Venda as well as the disciplinary measure to be taken by the University in cases of infringement of these regulations.

The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without supplying reasons for doing so.

Allocation of Rooms

Rooms are allocated by residence authorities with the assistance of House Representative Committee members. You are at liberty to choose your roommate during room allocation if you have been allocated a double room. You are not allowed to swap rooms without the knowledge and consent of residence authorities.

Breakfast, Lunch and Supper Time

The prescribed times must be strictly adhered to. Students who are allergic to certain kinds of food are required to produce medical certificate to that effect.

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Catering Personnel
A professional catering company is in the service of this University.
Catering personnel must be accorded the respect they deserve. They are not under the control of students.
Apparent irregularities on the part of catering personnel should be reported promptly to members of the House

Visitors to Residence

Students are required to report their visitors who intent to stay in the residence overnight to the Residence Superintendent for purposes of control.
People who stay in the residence without the knowledge and the consent of the residence authorities will be referred to the Security Section.


Voluntary Termination of Resident Status

Students who intend to leave the residence must notify the Superintendent in time.
A written declaration of intention to leave the residence must be accompanied by a room key.

Closure of residences during winter and summer vacations

Resident students will be required to leave the residences when the University closes for winter and summer vacations. Residences must be vacated at 10:00 following the day on which the University was closed. The University may request students to leave the residences during Easter holidays. Students are under no circumstances allowed to take room keys with when they leave for home.

Use of Residence Facilities during Winter and Summer Vacations

Students who wish to remain in the university residences during winter and summer recess must notify residence authorities in writing a month prior to university closure. Such students shall be required to pay a daily fee which shall be determined by the relevant authorities from time to time. Only students who will be engaged in academic programmes will be allowed to remain in the residences during winter and summer recess. The HODs or Deans of Schools will be required to indicate the nature of the academic activities for the duration of their stay in the residences.

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On Campus Residences

Bernard cube – Girls
Carousel – Boys
Mango Groove – Girls
F3 – Boys
F4 – Girls
Lost City Boys
Lost City Girls
River Side – Mixed for post graduates
F5 – Girls

Contact Details

Lutando Charlie

Housing and Accommodation Officer

Phone: +27 15 962 8164 / 8380 / 9222

Solomon Phungo

Housing and Accommodation Officer

Phone: +27 15 962 8164 / 8380 / 9222

Aluwani Fungisani

Housing and Accommodation Officer

Phone: +27 15 962 8164 / 8380 / 9222