University of the Free State Department of Architecture


University of the Free State Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture, University of Free State, is underpinned by the critical inquiry into the making of ‘place’ [orientated and identifiable spaces].

Students are encouraged to investigate this multi-dimensional character of architecture in view of the different interrelationships between man [both as an individual and social being], the environment, culture [local as well as universal], and time [historical and contemporary]. Through these different ecological interrelationships, regular design principles and form-giving elements are identified that prepare the student for local and international design.

UFS Department of Architecture Courses Offered

Bachelor of Architecture BArchStud. [3 year full-time course]

Honours in Architecture BArchStud(Hons) [1 year full-time course]

Master of Architecture MArch(Prof) [1 year full-time course]

Entry Requirement

Except for minimum university entrance requirements the applicant must have achieved:

• a minimum AP of 30 [an AP of 34 and higher is strongly recommended], plus a performance level of 4 in an official UFS tuition language as well as Mathematics.

• if the applicant is successful in the preliminary selection (Paper Selection Form), he/she must:

• present a portfolio of creative work at a scheduled interview

• write aptitude tests [arranged by the student with Student Counselling Services]

How to Apply

1. Applications [find general Application for Admissions Form available at] for admission to the BArchStud programme must reach the Registrar, Academic Student Services, University of the Free State on or before 31 May of the year preceding intended study. Contact Academic Student Services: Mrs I.L. van Wyk | 051 401 3659 |

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2. Academic Student Services sends a unique UFS student number to each candidate after his/her application form has been successfully captured.

3. Candidates download the Paper Selection Form from the Departmental Website [ architecture]. The Paper Selection Form outlines the requirements for the selection process, creative exercises, a written motivation, academic report, CV, etc.] The completed Paper Selection Form must be submitted before 31 August to the Department of Architecture [address specified on the Paper Selection Form]. Paper Selection Forms will not be presented to the selection panel without a valid UFS student number.

Please note: Late Application for Admissions Forms and Paper Selection Forms will not be accepted.

4. The selection committee critically reviews the Paper Selection Form submitted. The most resourceful candidates are selected. Selected candidates are invited for interviews. Paper Selection Forms are the property of the Department of Architecture and will not be sent back to candidates.

5. Interviews take place at the end of September or early October [date to be confirmed], at which time the candidate presents his/her portfolio to the selection committee. The extensive portfolio should at least include:

• Three free-hand sketches (ink) of architectural elements (building, interior, detail etc.) – A4;

• Two free-hand sketches (ink) of the candidate’s workspace (bedroom, study, etc.) – A4.

• Five examples of two-dimensional creative work in diverse media (painting, sketches, collages, etc.).

• Five examples ofthree-dimensional creative work in diverse media (origami, sculpture, ceramics, etc.).

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• A cardboard model of a building of the candidate’s choice.

Any other creative work (poem, essay, art work, music recordings, culinary arts, etc.). Candidates compete for selection based on creativity, design dexterity, inventiveness and academic performance; these aspects should be represented in the portfolio and interview.

6. Successful candidates confirm their enrolment as students at the Department of Architecture, UFS.

Closing date for BArch applications: 31 July preceding the year of intended study

Closing date for BArch Honours applications: 31 July

Closing date for MArch (for professional registration) applications: 31 July

University of the Free State Online Application

Contact us for more details

Head of Department

Prof Jonathan Noble 
Tel: +27 51 401 2332

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