University of Limpopo UL Residence Application 2020

University of Limpopo has its own campus accommodation for students, for which all students in need of accommodation at UL must apply in order to get rooms. The application form which every student completes to get an academic place at UL contains a section where the student can apply for accommodation. Unfortunately, UL cannot place every student into a residence, as it only has just over 6500 spaces for students. Those students who are not offered accommodation on campus or who prefer to stay off-campus are advised to obtain a place at University accredited off-campus residences which are privately owned. In the residences at UL there are house committees which see to the needs of residence students. They organise all the activities that relate to residence students. UL SRC has recently formed a day house for students who are not in UL residences. This committee oversees all the interests of off-campus students.

The Office of International Affairs helps first entering international students get accommodation on campus provided space is available, so it is advisable for international students to report to the office on the 1st day of registration to avoid disappointments. For postgraduate students the University has accommodation specifically for them but this on the basis that one can be accommodated provided space is available. 

N.B. One should ensure they apply for on campus accommodation as part of their application process because space is limited. Returning students should check their Keyaka Emails and lookout for notices around the campus for annual online accommodation for the coming academic year.

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Applying For University of Limpopo Residence / Accomodation

The University of Limpopo Online Residence Application opens from  July to 31 October for current students. Secure your accommodation for the academic year 2020 today.  All returning students, including Postgraduate Students [HONOURS, MASTERS and PHD’s) should also use the online facility [l-Enabler System).


Students are advised to apply at Computer Labs starting on Monday,  July to Wednesday, 31 October  at 12h00.

To access the applicationclick here.


  • The system will not be open for late applications.
  • Only students who have applied will be considered for space reservation for the academic year 2020.
  • No manual application shall be considered.
  • After the process completion, the system will notify you that the application was successfully sent.
  • An email and SMS will also be sent to students who have successfully applied.
  • Please make sure to activate your university Keyaka email address and verify your cellphone number with Students Records at Old Admin.
  • Should you experience problems, please consult Lab Assistants for guidance.
  • Students are urged to apply in order to avoid disappointments.
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The list of successful applicants will be posted on the university Keyaka students email address. Please check with the Lab Assistants before the closing date for assistance if your name does not appear on the list.

Accepted Students for 2020, as per Residence Admission Policy, will receive Residence Final Admission Letter through Keyaka Email Address after the release of end of year examination results.