University of Cape Town Department of Physics

The Department of Physics is accommodated in the R W James Building, on the Upper Campus of the University of Cape Town. We offer courses leading to a 3-year BSc major in Physics, which may be followed a 1-year BSc(Honours) degree.

Further post-graduate studies leading to an MSc and PhD in Physics are possible within the research themes in the Department: High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Nanotechnology and Solid State Physics, Applied Physics and Tertiary Physics Education.

Courses Offered

PHY1004W : Matter & Interactions

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PHY1012F : Physics A for Engineers

PHY1012S : Physics A for Engineers

PHY1013F : Physics B for Engineers

PHY1013S: Physics B for Engineers

PHY1023H : Principles of Physics

PHY1025F : Physics for Health Science Students

PHY1031F : General Physics A


PHY1032F : General Physics B

PHY1032S : General Physics B

PHY2004W : Intermediate Physics

PHY2010S : Electromagnetism for Engineers

PHY3004W : Advanced Physics

PHY4000W : BSc(Honours) Physics

PHYLAB1 : Course I Laboratory

PHYLAB2 : Course II Laboratory

PHYLAB3 : Course III Laboratory

EEE4101F / EEE4103F : Nuclear Physics for Nuclear Power Eng.

EEE4106Z : Introductory Nuclear Physics for Nuclear Power

EEE4109Z : Theory and Design of Nuclear Reactors

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Contact Details

Telephone: +27 (0) 21 650 3326  (Department Office)


Fax: +27 (0) 21 650 3342