Tshwane University of Technology TUT Residence Application 2019-2020

About TUT Residence

Welcome to the TUT Accommodation page! TUT offers residence accommodation to approximately 12000 students as well as private student accommodation to approximately 2000 students. This webpage will provide information on the following:

  • The availability of TUT residence accommodation and how to apply for it, how the selection and admission processes work and how to register;
  • The facilities and services available for students staying in TUT residences;
  • The academic support programmes and extra-curricular development activities offered in residences;
  • Information about accredited accommodation;
  • Contact information for the various residence advisors of the residences on the different TUT campuses.

​The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) is the largest residential educational institution in South Africa. You will meet students from a variety of backgrounds and where you will be challenged intellectually, culturally and in the sports arena. Expect to learn a variety of new and exciting skills which will enhance your personal development. Our University residences are a haven for hardworking, diligent, creative and progressive young people.

The quality of our residences is our first priority. We offer basic, quality accommodation to students at affordable rates. Each residence provides basic facilities, but certain specialised facilities are unique to specific residences. Each residence has a Residence Advisor and Residence Committee that will welcome students, assist them to adapt to the residence and campus environment and are the relevant people for all enquiries about residence matters.

Application for Residence Accommodation

First-year students should indicate on the official TUT admission application form whether or not they want to apply for residence accommodation. These students will be selected based on their unconditional acceptance for enrolment of a full-time academic qualification offered at TUT. If there are too many first-year students qualifying for a residence, further selection will be based on the date of unconditional acceptance by the faculty. 

Returning senior students must apply for residence accommodation for the following year before end of October, by using the online application process. Students can login to their Student iEnabler accounts and select/click on Residence Application. They can also directly visit the link: https://tutprodi4app.tut.ac.za/pls/prodi41/w99pkg.mi_login.  Returning students who do not follow this procedure will not be assured of a residence space the following year. These students will be selected based on the criteria as stated in the placement policy. The main requirements are the following:

  • The student should have obtained a minimum academic average of 50% (55% in the case of senior residences) for the full academic year or must have passed all semester and year courses;
  • The student should not exceed the maximum number of years allowed to reside in any TUT residence. The maximum number of years is the minimum number of academic years required by TUT to complete a qualification successfully plus one additional year;
  • The student must be registered for a minimum of two subjects. (Subjects registered for non-degree purposes will not be taken into account.);
  • have settled all outstanding fees or made arrangements with TUT Student Finance;
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All other students who want to apply for residence accommodation should apply online in the beginning of the year that they require the accommodation for, after their academic registration. These applications will only be considered after returning senior students and first-year students have been registered and these students will be selected according to the same criteria that applies to returning students and on a first-come-first served basis.​


Download TUT Residence Fees

Registration in Residences

​​​​​Students who have been conditionally admitted in residences may register as a resident by means of an online registration process after they have:

  • registered academically and
  • paid the registration fee or made arrangements with Student Finance.

​Information technology facilities are available on each campus for such registration.

A student should go to the residence that he/she has been allocated to and report to the residence advisor only after residence registration. After registration a student will receive proof of residence registration which he/she must submit to the residence advisor.

Availability of residence accommodation

​TUT is one of the largest residential universities in the country and offers residence accommodation for each of the following 8 campuses:

  • Arcadia (Pretoria)
  • Arts (Pretoria)
  • eMalahleni
  • Ga-R​ankuwa
  • Mbombela
  • Polokwane
  • Pretoria-West
  • Soshanguve​
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Each campus offers particular academic programmes. These are the following:​​

​ ​Tshwane campusesFaculty
​Ga-RankuwaEconomics and Finance
​Pretoria-WestEngineering and the Built EnvironmentManagement SciencesScience
Soshanguve North​HumanitiesEducation
​Soshanguve SouthHumanitiesInformation Communication Technology
​Distant campusesProgrammes
eMalahleni​Engineering and the Built EnvironmentInformation Communication TechnologyManagement Science
Mbombela​Economics and FinanceHumanitiesManagement Sciences
Polokwane​Economics and FinanceHumanitiesInformation Communication TechnologyManagement Sciences

Residence accommodation is offered according to a mentorship model. This means that students studying at a particular campus are allocated to a residence of that campus according to their course of study. For example, students who study Engineering and the Built and Environment on the Pretoria-West campus will stay in designated residences and students who study Management Sciences will stay in other residences. The purpose of this arrangement is for students to stay in a learning community where senior students and selected mentors may assist junior students in an academic context.

In total TUT has approximately 58 000 registered students and about 12 000 residence spaces. Although the University is constantly trying to increase its residence capacity, this unfortunately means that currently University accommodation is only available for about 20% of registered students. The available residence accommodation is allocated according to the following principle:

  • Approximately 30% of spaces are reserved for first-year students;
  • With regard to senior students, preference is given to academically performing returning students;
  • Remaining open spaces are filled by new students who have applied and who are on a waiting list.

All the information with regard to the application, admission and registration in residences is provided in the TUT Policy on the Placement of Undergraduate Students in TUT Accommodation. Students who want to stay in TUT accommodation should read this policy. The information on this website is just some of the most important points to note.​