The Animation School Application Form 2019-2020


The Animation School Application Form 2019-2020

About The Animation School

The Animation School is the leading source of specialist animation education in South Africa

The aim of the Diploma in Digital Animation is to prepare students for a successful career in the animation industry by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, technological training and professionalism required to make a smooth transition into the work place or the opportunity to further their studies.

Students will gain a strong theoretical foundation in the history of animation, the principles of animation, colour theory, art direction, storytelling and pre-production, production and post-production. They will also develop detailed knowledge of the field of animation and how that knowledge relates to film and media studies, history, art and design. Students will be assessed on their ability to critically analyse these principles and theories and apply them when solving complex problems within 2D and 3D animation.

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The Animation School Courses Offered

Graduates of the programme are complimented by employers for their ability to deliver excellent work from the first day of employment because of the industry- relevant experience gained in their third year. This includes production of a short film as a member of a team, completion of a 2-week placement within an animation studio and preparation of a personal demo-reel, all of which are underpinned by the knowledge and skills gained in the first and second years of the programme.


First year

  • Y1.C1 – Introduction to Animation
  • Y1.C2 – 2D Digital Animation
  • Y1.C3 – Introduction to 3D Production

Second year

  • Y2.C1 – Visual Narrative
  • Y2.C2 – 3D Character Animation
  • Y2.C3 – 3D Character Development
  • Y2.C4 – 3D Production

Third year

  • Y3.C1 – Pre-Production
  • Y3.C2 – Production Electives
  • Y3.C3 – Animated Short Film
  • Y3.C4 – Professional Development
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How to Apply

Applicants from around the world who are passionate about developing strong drawing skills, are inquisitive about the people and world around them, have a passion for visual storytelling and are willing to put in long hours to bring characters and stories to life are invited to apply for the Diploma in Digital Animation.

Experience in art and drama will support the more creative aspects of animation while mathematical and logical thinking skills will benefit those looking to focus on the technical side of animation.

Applicants must meet the minimum admission criteria specified in the prospectus (on the right).

Application Form

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