Stellenbosch University Department of Geography

Exchange agreements exist inter alia with the Universities of Hamburg and Utrecht. Projects are undertaken in cooperation with these universities in GIS, tourism and urban studies.

The coursework (taught) honours programmes are offered residentially over one year in blocks. Our module-offering is subject to change on a year-to-year basis. Please enquire.

Courses Offered

BAHons (Geographical Information Systems)

BAHons (Geography and Environmental Studies)

BScHons (GeoInformatics)

MA (Geographical Information Systems) or MSc (GeoInformatics)

MA or MSc (Geography and Environmental Studies)

MPhil (Urban and Regional Science)

Master in Urban and Regional Planning

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PhD (Geography and Environmental Studies) OR (GeoInformatics)

PhD (Urban and Regional Planning)

PhD (Urban and Regional Science)


Fees Structure

Details regarding study fees may be found in the Calendar. Click here to view Part 3 of the University Calender   which deals with Student Fees. In order to get a detailed breakdown of fees (quotation), request a Provisional Quotation below.

Academic fees for international students consist of four components:

  • Tuition fees as payable by South African students;
  • International Registration Fee (IRF) payable annually by all non-South African students;
  • International Tuition Fee, an additional fixed amount charged annually at registration for the duration of an academic programme;
  • Service fees for academic related services and consumable items (also payable by South Africa students, but  International Students pay for these in advance).
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Contact Details

Programme Coordinator: Ms Deidre Davids

Tel: +27 21 808 3100