Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography

Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography

This year-long BA Visual Communications Degree presented by the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography aims to produce industry-ready innovative critical thinkers who are able to make meaningful and professional contributions and challenge conventional visual communication thinking.

Courses offered At Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

BA Honours Fee Structure

Terms of Payment for 2020 Administration fee of R12 000, which is non-refundable to be paid within 14 days of acceptance. A penalty fee of R600 will be charged for any student registering after the prescribed registration date – 14 January 2020.

Payment options: South African Citizens Option 1: One payment (5% discount on Tuition fee minus the R12 000 Administration fee – if paid) The paid Administration fee of R12 000 will be deducted from total tuition fee of R123750.00

The balance of the full settlement must reflect in the Academy’s account (ABSA account 4055051024) on/before and no later than date of Registration day – 14 January 2020 to qualify for the discount).

R123750.00 Honours tuition fee – R12000.00 Paid Administration fee R111750.00 – R 5587.50 5% discount calculated on R111750.00 R106162.50 Funds must reflect in Academy account on/before and no later than registration day – 14 January to qualify for the 5% discount.

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Certificate Fee Structure

Payment Options: Foreign Students Full settlement of tuition fee to be paid on/before and no later than registration day. A letter of registration will not be issued until all fees are settled. All foreign transfer fees must be covered by the student.


Withdrawal Procedure

Due to a limited intake of students, first year and first time students are granted a withdrawal period until 4 February 2020. Should a student decide to withdraw from the course, after registration and commencement of studies, he/she is required to furnish the institution with a notice of withdrawal and signed De-registration forms by no later than 4 February 2020. The institution will refund all monies paid, excluding the non-refundable administration fee of R12 000.00 and enrolment fee of R20 000. Should a student fail to furnish the institution with the withdrawal notice as specified, he/she will be liable for the full year’s tuition fees as the institution will have no reasonable potential, acting diligently, to find an alternative student for the remainder of the academic year due to the specialised services being provided.

Default on payments Should you default on your chosen payment plan, interest (over and above the installment levy referred to in option 3 above) at the rate of 2% per month will be added to all outstanding fees which are due and payable until such time as all the outstanding amounts have been paid in full. Students whose tuition fees are in arrears may/will be barred from attending classes and their reports withheld until such time as the outstanding tuition fees have been paid up to date, as per their chosen payment plan. Banking Details ABSA Stellenbosch | Branch Code 632005 | Account no 4055051024 Please use students name & surname as reference.

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Application Process


Application Pack for Honours in Visual Communications

Application Pack for Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

Application Pack for Higher Certificate in Commercial Photography


Contact Details

Call: +27 (0)21 880 2623

Postal Address

P.O. Box 762



South Africa

Physical Address

41 Tegno Road




South Africa