St. Augustine College South Africa Application 2019-2020


St. Augustine College South Africa Application 2019-2020

About St. Augustine College South Africa

Welcome to St Augustine College of South Africa, a leader in ethical education.  St Augustine was legally constituted under South African law as a provider of tertiary education in 1999; in 2008, it was canonically recognised by a decree of the South African Bishops’ Conference; in the same year, it was recognised by the Congregation for Catholic Education, as a Catholic University. St Augustine operates in conformity with the provisions of the Code of Canon Law and the 1990 Apostolic Constitution of St Pope John Paul II, Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

St Augustine College is both ‘university’ and ‘Catholic’.  As a ‘university’, it shares the ‘gaudium de veritate’; it is committed to the search for, and the communication of, the truth (the whole truth … about nature, man and God); it is institutionally autonomous, conducting research and teaching that is responsive to the problems and needs of its context: South Africa.  However, as ‘Catholic’, instead of reason being seen in opposition to faith, the two are united in their courageous exploration of ‘the riches of Revelation and of nature.’

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St. Augustine College South Africa Courses Offered

BCom (PPE)


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies

BA(Hons) in Peace Studies

BA(Hons) in Philosophy


MPhil in Theology

MPhil in Philosophy

MPhil in Culture and Education

MPhil in Applied Ethics

Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy

Application Forms

2020 Undergraduate Application Form – Download

2019 (July Intake) Undergraduate Application Form – Download

2019 Postgraduate Application Form (Honours, MPhil, DPhil)  – Download

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2019 Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies – Download