SMU Courses Offered


The University offers a wide variety of under- and post-graduate qualifications that fit into the following faculties:

School Of Medicine

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
(MBChB), 6years

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Extended Program (MBCHB ECP), 7years

Bachelor of Diagnosc Radiography (B Rad),

School Of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm), 4 years

School Of Health Care Sciences

Bachelor of Nursing Sciences and Art (BCur),
4 years

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
(BSc physio), 4 years

Bachelor of Speech Language, Pathology and
Audiology (BSLP & A), 4 years

Bachelor of Occupaonal Theraphy (B Occ Ther), 4 years

Bachelor of Science Dietecs (BSc Dietecs), 4 years

School Of Oral Health Science

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), 5 years

Bachelor of Dental Therapy (BDT), 3 years

School Of Science And Technology

Bachelor of Science: majoring in

Chemistry: 3yrs

Mathemacs and Applied Mathemacs: 3yrs

Statistics: 3yrs

Computer Science: 3yrs

Psychology: 3yrs

Physiology: 3yrs

Biology: 3yrs

Biochemistry: 3yrs

Physics: 3yrs

Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP): 4yrs