Rhodes University RU Courses Offered

Rhodes University RU Courses Offered

Courses Offered ARE

Rhodes University Commerce Courses Offered – B: Business Science, Commerce, Economics.

Rhodes University Education Courses Offered – National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE).
Bachelor of Education (BEd): Foundation/Intermediate Phase, Senior/FET Phase.
Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE): Early Childhood Development, School Leadership, Education Leadership & Management, English Language Teaching, Environmental Education, (Advanced Certificate in Environmental Education), Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase, Information & Communication Technology, Mathematics Education, Life Orientation, Mathematics Literacy, Science Education, Technology Education.

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Rhodes University Humanities Courses Offered – Anthropology, Drama, English, English Language & Linguistics, Fines Art, History, Music, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Languages, Journalism.

Rhodes University Law Courses Offered – LLB.Sponsored Links

Rhodes University Pharmacy Courses Offered – BSc Pharmacy.

Rhodes University Science Courses Offered – Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Information Systems, Geography, Geology, Environmental Science, Botany, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Entomology, Ichthyology, Mathematics , Statistics, Human Kinetics and Ergonomics , Economics, Psychology.