Regenesys Business School Postgraduate Application 2020


Regenesys Business School Postgraduate Application 2020

About Regenesys Business School Postgraduate Application

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) degree gives you an opportunity to get ahead in the business world and develops general management skills and prepares the junior executive who is serious about business for employment in middle management positions.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) programme provides emerging executives and middle managers who are serious about business, an opportunity to get ahead in the business world. This programme will enable you to make a real difference in your management practice through active use of frameworks, theories and tools.

Application Course

The PDBM is an NQF level 8 (120 credits) qualification offered over a minimum period of one year, and a maximum of two years.

Core Modules

Advanced Project Management

Advanced Human Resource Management

Financial Management and Management Accounting

Electives  (Choice of Two) (Based on student numbers)

Fundamentals of Research


Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Advanced Marketing Management

Sales Management

Advanced Operations Management

Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence

Advanced Retail Management

Each module requires the successful completion of a formative and summative assessments. The emphasis of the assessment is on the practical application of relevant theories and models. Students will be required to address challenges at work through organisation-specific projects.

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Is the cost of higher education preventing you from achieving your dreams?

Worry no more! We’ve finally made getting your degree a real possibility through our life changing initiative called Education for All – a unique way to obtain high quality, globally recognised qualifications which combines education, internet and financial engineering.

How to Apply

It is about gaining access to higher education by paying a nominal fee, from as little as R500 per month, which is further determined by what you can afford currently and then paying fully for your qualification once you get a job after your studies.

The following programmes are available exclusively online through Education for All:

Lack of access to quality education is a root cause to problems in our world today: poverty, unemployment, inequality, terrorism, wars, diseases, discrimination, human suffering, and unhappiness.Assessment Form

Empower Yourself

Education for All is developed by the Regenesys Foundation in collaboration with MyWealth Investments, a registered financial service provider and Regenesys Business School. Education for All is a game-changing, innovative and technology-driven initiative, which aims to:

  • Disrupt traditional higher education system and provide access to affordable and quality higher education to the world
  • Utilise internet, financial engineering and education as the greatest equalisers in the world
  • Wipe the tears of all parents who cannot afford to pay for higher education of their children
  • Create a world in which higher education is a human right for all and not a privilege of the wealthy
  • Provide an opportunity to every human being on Planet Earth to get educated, develop, awaken their potential and achieve their dreams,
  • Develop more educated and enlightened human beings, better leaders and a better world.
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Getting started

To gain entry on Education for All programmes, you must meet the standard educational requirements for the programme you have chosen.

With a top quality, recognised qualification you will be able to gain employment globally, or start your own business, get a promotion, develop holistically and achieve your dreams.

If you want to awaken your potential, make our world a better place and leave a legacy, call +27 11 669 5011, email 

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