Red and Yellow School Application Form 2020-2021

Red and Yellow School Application Form 2020-2021

About Red and Yellow School

Artificial Intelligence and robots are going to replace most of the jobs we know today.

Red & Yellow is the business school where talented people go to develop the career skills they need to thrive in this digital world.

We believe creative thinking is the most important skill of the future and it must be supported by uniquely human abilities such as leadership, adaptability and social intelligence.

We are a Creative School of Business that provides you with the commercial logic to grow successful organisations and more importantly the creative magic to set them apart.

We are teaching the great creators, inventors, leaders and entrepreneurs for the 21st Century.

We will be the most creative business school in the world.

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Red and Yellow School Courses Offered

Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Marketing

Project Management

Digital Marketing: Professional Certification

Digital Paid Media

Social Media Marketing

Entrepreneurship in Action

User Experience Design

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing: Introduction

Digital Content and Copywriting

Finance for non-Financial Managers

Marketing 101

People Management


Application Form

For close on a generation, we’ve produced creative alumni that have gone on to challenge convention, lead industries and achieve amazing things locally and internationally. We’re evolving for a world that is dramatically different from when we started and our mandate as educators is to prepare humans for unexpected challenges and resulting opportunities of the future.

We’ve already started expanding our core specialisation in marketing, advertising and communications to broader business, integrated with essential human skills, that prepare our students for phenomenal career success in the complex, highly unpredictable future ahead.

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We produce logical business thinkers who understand human behaviour and use the magic of creative thinking to grow successful organisations and set them apart.

All our programmes, short courses and workshops include elements from all four faculties we believe are crucial to building well-rounded beings capable of handling what the future brings.

Red and Yellow School Institute Uses an online application form for its admission. You can fine the link to its admission portal below.

Application Form