North-West University NWU Residence Application 2019-2020

Residence Administration Fees

All students – prospective and current students need to apply annually at the Residence Adminis tration Office, Building 14K Room no. G01 & G04 yearly.  An administration fee of R700.00 (non-refundable) for prospective students must be paid.

Prospective students must have been informed by the Academic Administration Department that they are accepted and a student number (i.e. 12815691) must be issued.

Please note: First time applications for Post Graduate and Senior students need to pay a R380-00 application fee. If you are currently residing in a residence there is NO application fee to be paid. 

Closing Dates for Application forms

First year students – 30 September 2019

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Senior students – 8 August 2019

Postgraduate and Master students – 30 September 2019

Application and Rules and Regulations for Residences

How to apply for student accommodation


  • Obtain a residence application form from the Residence Administration Office and submit the form on or before the dates supplied by the Residence Administration Office.
  • Residence admission, depending on the availability of space, is only possible upon successful academic acceptance as set out in the placement procedure.
  • Successful applicants will be notified and late applications will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Students must apply yearly for residence accommodation.
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Forms can also be downloaded (PDF Format) 

All required documentation must be attached before application forms will be considered for final residence placement. 

Email addresses for residence inquiries and applications only

  • All campus residences/Bohlale Village & Phase 2 
  • Faranani/Longfellow/Ebukhosini/Moahi Village