Norman Henshilwood High School Application 2020


Norman Henshilwood High School Application 2020

Grade 8 2020 application forms will be available on the website from 13 February 2019 till 13 March 2019


Admissions Policy

Section 5 (5) of the South African Schools’ Act 84 of 1996 (as amended), states that an SGB must draw up an Admission’s Policy (in line with the National Education Policy Act of 1996). It is against this backdrop, and within the guidelines provided by the Policy document, that the following serves as the official Admission’s Policy of the school.

In order to apply at Norman Henshilwood High School, you will need to download, complete and submit the school’s admissions form, as well as go to the Western Cape Education Department’s (WCED) online admissions section and apply online too as part of a new policy issued by the WCED. To do this, please click the buttons below:

NHHS Admission form

Online Admission


  • All application forms will be scrutinized for eligibility against pre-determined criteria as set out below.
Residential     QualificationLearners residing with their biological parent(s)/*legal guardiansand whose *closest school is NHHS may qualify for admission on the grounds of place of residence.  Appropriate proof of residence will be required.
Academic and Extra-     Mural Performance     Level/sIf place exists, learners who apply at NHHS, but are closer to another school, will qualify for admission on the basis of academic results (a 6 rating as an average in the GET i.e. above 70 %) as well as proven participation/achievement in sport, culture and/or service.
SiblingsConsideration will be given to learners who already have a brother or a sister in the school, with the proviso that, for those living outside the *catchment area, point 2 above applies.  Siblings are NOT guaranteed automatic entry.
Feeder schools [in no particular order]The SGB of NHHS will consider, mainly, pupils who qualify on the aforementioned criteria, as well as this one, from the following primary schools: Timour Hall Primary School, Sunlands Primary School, John Graham Primary School, Westcott Primary School, Wynberg Boys’ Junior, Wynberg Girls’ Junior, Kirstenhof Primary, The Grove Primary, Rondebosch East Primary, Golden Grove Primary, Sid G Rule, Zwaanswyk Academy.
  • No application will be considered without the following supporting documentation:
    • Application form completed in full.
    • Copies of the ID’s of both parents/legal guardians/pupil.
    • Proof of residence.
    • Final Grade 6 report [initial application. It is understood that the pupil must pass Grade 7 to secure a place at the school.]
  • All pupils who apply for admission must be proficient in English at a minimum of a Code 6 [70 %].
  • All pupils who apply for admission must be proficient in Mathematics at a minimum of a Code 6 [70%].
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Additional Criteria

  • Learners will be accepted ONLY if they are age appropriate for the grade to which they are being admitted. The following minimum – maximum age requirements apply:
    • Grade 8: 11 – 15
    • Grade 9: 12 – 16
    • Grade 10: 13 – 17
    • Grade 11: 14 – 18
    • Grade 12: 15 – 19

Note that the learner must turn the age within the calendar year of the grade to which he/she is being admitted.

  • NHHS is full with an enrolment of 210 pupils per grade [max. = 1050 pupils] [and taking curricular needs into account].  However, this does not mean that a place exists in a particular grade IF the maximum of 210 is not enrolled in that grade. In such cases, admission will be dependent on the curricular capacity of the school to offer the applicant a place based on the applicant’s subject selection in Grades 10, 11 or 12.
  • Where a child is not permanently resident within the school’s catchment area, admission is at the sole discretion of the SGB and depends on the pupil meeting the criteria as set out in the core criteria.
  • The deadline for submission of application for enrolment is determined annually by the SGB.
  • Late applications may be considered.
  • Legal guardianship: Legal guardians, who are not the biological parents of an applicant, will need to provide a court order as proof of legal guardianship.
  • A Capital Development Fund levy, for the five years that the pupil stays at the school. A part or parts thereof may be refunded if the pupil leaves the school within the five year period [pro rata repayment].
  • Legal guardian: a person who has the legal authority and corresponding duty assigned by the court to take care of minor children.
  • Closest School: the learner passes NO other high/secondary school on his/her way to school, whether on foot or by vehicular transport.
  • Catchment area: the geographic area within which Henshilwood is the nearest state school when the distance is measured along a public road.
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