Nelson Mandela University Application 2020

Nelson Mandela University Application 2020

Nelson Mandela University (NMU) is a new generation university, distinguished by the wide range of study options and access routes open to students. NMU nurtures innovation, fosters creativity, embraces technology and develops people to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Quality higher education is offered to more than 27 000 students across six campuses, making NMU the largest university in the Eastern Cape.

Applying To Study At Nelson Mandela University

To apply to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University , you need the documents below :

1) A certified copy of the green bar coded ID

2) Proof of payment of any relevant application fees

3) Certified copy of grade 11 results and any latest grade 12 results

Applicants must check individual further requirements for each course and each tertiary institution. Please also be aware of NBTs and check with your university if you need NBT results to apply.

FYI: South Africans learners wishing to apply online will need a working email address and an ID number. Foreign learners wishing to apply will need to have their passport number.

Nelson Mandela University NMU Application Dates

1) Academic Applications

Applications for 2020 open: 1 April 2019

Early closing date: 02 August 2019

Late closing date: 30 September 2019

2) On-Campus accommodation

Applications for on-campus accomodation open: 1 April 2019

Closing date: 30 September 2019

3) International Applicants 

International students First Semester 2020 (February): Deadline – 31 October 2019 (Application fee of R500)

Application Fees:

  • There is no application fee for South African students.
  • The application fee for international students is R500.

Applications For Academic Admission 2020

Prospective undergraduate students who wish to join Nelson Mandela University in 2020 are invited to apply for a certificate, diploma or degree qualification by using our online application system which is now OPEN.  

In order to ensure adequate time for application, processing and planning by the university and yourself, applications for early admission in 2020 should be submitted by 01 August 2019.

Applications may be considered after this date, provided that there is still space available in the course you wish to apply for, and on academic merit until 30 September 2019. In addition, places in some qualifications are limited, and it is therefore in your best interest to submit your application form and ALL supporting documentation by 01 August 2019.

Before completing an application form, please take note of the minimum admission requirements for the qualification that you are applying for or refer to the relevant faculty guide.

Advanced Diploma applications

Nelson Mandela University students who are currently completing a three-year Diploma (Dip) qualification and would like to apply to pursue their  Advanced Diploma (AdvDip) in the same field of study here next year, are only required to complete the Advanced Diploma application form (see list below to download a form). Your completed application form must please be submitted to the admissions office on or before 1 August 2019 (no supporting documentation required). Please also review the faculty prospectus for the admission requirements related to your field of study prior to applying.

Prospective new students who have already completed their Diploma (Dip) studies at Nelson Mandela University or at another tertiary institution and opted to enter the work force, or take a gap year before commencing their Advanced Diploma (AdvDip) studies, are required to complete a new online application, and submit a certified copy of their ID, academic record and certificate of conduct, along with any other documentation required in order for their application to be considered. Applications close 1 August 2019 and no application fee is required. Please also review the faculty prospectus for the admission requirements related to your field of study prior to applying.

NMU Postgraduates Application

Postgraduate Master’s and doctoral degrees by research candidates can apply at any time of the year – application is free. Postgraduate M & D applicants must also complete the relevant Postgraduate form (U24) in addition to the manual Postgraduate application form. Space is limited and you should view the list of full programmes before applying. Postgraduate (U24) applications must be submitted to:

Nelson Mandela University NMU Application Procedures

You may apply by following one of these routes:

  1. Apply online for either an Undergraduate, Advanced Diploma or Postgraduate studies (PG Diploma, PG Certificate, Honours, Master’s or Doctoral Degrees). 
  2. Postgraduate applicants must also complete the relevant Postgraduate form (U24) For information on postgraduate programmes, please consult the General Information and Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Programmes.
  • Make sure you have paid the Application fee (international students only), before submitting your application form.
  • Your application form must be accompanied by:
    1. a certified copy of your final Grade 11 exam results or; 
    2. a most recent Grade 12  (June/Sept) exam report (No March results), or if you have already passed Grade 12, a certified copy of your matriculation certificate, or results as well as certified copies of diploma/degree certificates and academic records for postgraduate applications,
    3. a certified copy of your ID/Passport,
    4. a certified copy of the identity document of your parent/legal guardian/surety,
    5. declaration by your parent / legal guardian / surety if you are a dependent, or currently at school, or studying at a tertiary institution, or have recently left school and do/will not have permanent employment when applying or studying at the university.
  • Either an acknowledgement letter or outcome of your admission will be sent to you within 10 working days during April to June. During the period leading up to the closing dates stipulated above the turnaround time will be 14 – 20 working days.
  • If your Applicant Score (AS) and subject specific marks do not meet the entry requirements for your chosen programme, you will need to consider another qualification as we no longer test applicants for admission, unless otherwise indicated. 
  • Some programmes have additional selection requirements; please consult the Undergraduate Guide for your specific faculty which can be downloaded from the links on the right of this page (available from May).
  • You may track the status of your application.
  • The outcome of your application will be conveyed to you via our website and sms. Please ensure that we have your correct cell phone number.
  • If you are provisionally admitted you will receive an Orientation Booklet together with registration information in November/December.
  • Final acceptance is subject to your final NSC/IEB results meeting the minimum admission requirements for your chosen programme.

Applicants who have studied at other tertiary institutions

  • In order to ensure adequate time for processing, assessment testing and planning by the university and yourself, applications for admission in 2020 should be submitted by 1 August 2019 – No application fee for South African applicants.
  • Late applications will be considered after this date based on academic merit until 30 September 2019 – No application fee for South African applicants.
  • Submit together with your application form, a certified copy of your official academic record and certificate of conduct as well as a certified copy of your school leaving certificate.
  • Should you be applying for module exemptions, download the module exemption form and complete it and note that there is a module exemption fee to be paid before the exemption can be processed. You must attach copies of module outlines/syllabus.
  • The application fees above are applicable for International applicants.

Nelson Mandela University Accommodation

Nelson Mandela University Admission Requirements

Banking Account Details (International Students – Application Fee only)

  • Bank: Standard Bank 
  • Account Name: Nelson Mandela University – Main 
  • Account No.: 080263011
  • Bank Swift Code: SBZA ZAJJ
  • Internet Banking Code: 051001
  • Reference: 5350 4605 & Student Name
  • E-mail copy of deposit: 
  • Bank Address: Rink Street, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Please attach a copy of the proof of payment to your application form.


Credit Card Payments:

Online credit card payments can be made ONLY if you have applied to Nelson Mandela University.

Alternatively, if you are unable to apply online, send your application form to, subject field should read:  “Process application for online payment”. 
We will allocate a student number so you may make your payment online.

Allow three working days for processing. Also, a copy of the proof of payment should be in your possession at all times.
For security reasons, manual credit card payments are NO longer available

Application fees are non-refundable. Payment of application fees does not guarantee entry to the university. 

Please do not send cash in the post.

Forms and documents

Postgraduate Application Form for M_D (201 kB)

Postgrad admission to studies U24 (70 kB)

UADS student reasonable accommodations application form (320 kB)

Change of Qualification Application Form for Current Students (233 kB)

Postgraduate Guide (6.4 MB)

Nelson Mandela University study fields 2020 (19.3 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Open Day Take Place?

Open Day 2019

Open day is your opportunity to explore our various courses on offer, range of student services, sporting codes and student clubs you can join and so much more.

Learners, parents, teachers and intrested stakeholders are invited to join us in:

George: 3 & 4 May 2019

Port Elizabeth: 10 & 11 May 2019

Things To Know Before Applying To NMU

Before applying to Nelson Mandela University, please take note of the following:

  • Your application for admission should be submitted before the August closing date. Late applications will however only be considered after this date, based on academic merit, until the September closing date.
  • Places for some qualifications are limited and it is therefore in your best interest to submit your application early.
  • Prospective students must meet the minimum statutory entry requirements based on the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or IEB or equivalent school-leaving certificate for admission to a higher certificate, diploma or degree qualification, in order to be considered.
  • Submission of a completed application form does not mean that you have been accepted as a student, or that you may register.
  • All prospective students are selected in accordance with the admissions policy of the university, and applicants will be notified of the outcome by the admissions office.
  • Provisional admission is based on your Applicant Score (AS) obtained in your Grade 11 final, or Grade 12 June/September examinations. However, the final decision is based on your final Grade 12 exam results.
  • In addition to the general university admission requirements, each programme also has its own specific requirements.
  • Applicants with international or foreign qualifications must satisfy the requirements laid down by the Matriculation Board to qualify for a certificate of exemption for a particular international or foreign school leaving qualification.
  • In the case of applications by candidates who have studied at other higher education institutions accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), the results obtained at such institutions will be considered, together with their academic record and certificate of conduct.

How do I Apply To Nelson Mandela University?

First you have to make sure that you meet the admission requirements of the programme you wish to apply for ( Obtain a copy of the undergraduate programme guide or Z-Card to assist you in making an informed choice. As soon as you know what you want to study and that you meet the admission requirements, you can apply online (

You must submit your application form together with ALL the relevant supporting documentation before the initial closing date. Your application cannot be considered if you do not include all your supporting documents with your application form.

All prospective applicants will be notified by sms and e-mail of the outcome of their application.

What is the Deadline for NMU Applications?

Applications for undergraduate courses close on the first working day of August each year. Applications will still be accepted after this date but at a higher application fee. There is no guarantee that you will be accepted after this date as preference is given to applicants who submit their applications before the official closing date.

2020 Applications Close

Early applications close: 1 August 2019

Late applications close: 30 September 2019

Is there Interview After Applying To Nelson Mandela University?

Only applicants who apply for certain programmes will be required to attend an interview. During this interview you may be asked to present a portfolio of your work and to answer questions about your interests and inspirations. Details of the requirements for the interview and portfolio will be sent to you after your application form has been processed. Portfolios are currently only a requirement for students who wish to pursue studies in the creative and visual arts.

What Grades Do I Need To Apply to NMU ?

Applicants can use their grade 11 final exam results to apply to the university before the final closing date in August. They will however need to submit their grade 12 June/July or September results if they apply in either August or September in order to gain provisional admission to Nelson Mandela University. The final decision is based on the final grade 12 NSC/IEB exam results.

Where can I obtain NMU application form?

Application forms can be obtained from the university’s admissions offices on South, George or Missionvale campuses or by requesting one via e-mail from Prospective applicants can apply online from the university’s website (

How much is the Application fee?

No application fee is required for South African citizens, but there is an application fee for International Students. 

How Can I Check My Application Status ?

You can track your application form via Nelson Mandela University’s website ( Unfortunately Nelson Mandela University does not use any social networking sites to inform applicants of the outcome of their application.

How long before I am informed of the outcome of my application to Nelson Mandela University ?

All prospective applicants will be notified via sms or e-mail of the outcome of their application as soon as it has been processed by the admissions office, or a decision has been taken by the department concerned regarding a specific qualification.

What can NC (V) applicants study At NMU?

NCV applicants can apply for a limited number of related programmes. This means that NCV applicants can only apply for a qualification which is similar to their current NCV study field.

Postal Address

The Admissions Office
PO Box 77000
Nelson Mandela University

When Is NMU Prospectus Ready?

A university or school prospectus is a document sent to potential (prospective) students to attract them to apply for admissions. It usually contains information about the institution and the available courses, including advice on how to apply and the benefits of accepting a place.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Prospectus 2020