My Driving School

My Driving School

My Driving School began in 2006 by a local driving instructor in Brisbane Roz Sheldon. Roz previously worked as a driving examiner for the Department of Queensland Transport. It did not take long for Roz to realise she had a genuine passion for teaching people to drive. After having witnessed numerous students so ill-prepared for their practical tests, Roz gave up her examining job to start her own driving school.

The My Driving School team has grown to over 20 instructors’ to keep up with demand, thanks to loyal students who continue to refer us to friends and family. But although the school grows in size its primary principles of teaching remain unchanged: fun, friendly and expert instruction – that’s why you’ll want to make My Driving School your driving school.

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Our Primary Principles Include:​

Relaxed Learning Environment


Driving lessons are so much more productive when friendly instructors make students feel at ease in their learning environment.

Expert & Professional Instructors

Although all driving instructors are required to be accredited, more extensive instructor training creates better teachers and consequently better trained students.

Fun & Enjoyment

While learning to drive is a serious matter, and poorly trained drivers put themselves and others at risk, students and instructors who enjoy the learning process together will achieve better results.

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At My Driving School you can be sure that you will get value for money. We don’t believe in drawing out the teaching process and wasting your time and money as some schools do. Instead, we will ensure you know everything you need to know but will teach you in the most time-efficient manner, meaning you will save money in the long term by learning with us.