MANCOSA Postgraduate Application 2020

MANCOSA Postgraduate Application 2020

The MANCOSA Postgraduate Programmes are contextualised to the management, leadership and business needs of a dynamic global market.

These programmes will equip students with advanced knowledge, skills and, competencies to be successful managers and leaders in the challenging and diverse environment in which they find themselves. Upon completion of the postgraduate diploma qualifications, students will be able to make informed decisions at middle and senior levels of management.

DBA PRE-REGISTRATION(Duration – 6 months)

Upon enrolment onto the pre-registration phase of the MANCOSA DBA, a candidate will be assigned to a supervisor. The candidate will be required to work under the guidance of the allocated supervisor in developing a research proposal. In addition, the candidate will be required to attend weekend support workshops during the pre-registration phase. At the end of the 6 month pre-registration phase, a candidate will be required to present and defend their research proposal at a MANCOSA Colloquium. Successful defence and approval of a candidate’s research proposal is required as an eligibility criterion to register for the MANCOSA DBA programme.

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DBA REGISTRATION(Duration – 36 months)


A candidate whose research proposal has been successfully defended and approved, will be eligible to enrol onto the MANCOSA DBA and continue with Part B (executing the research plan), Part C (analysing research data) and Part D (research writing and thesis construction). Each Part (B, C and D) is 6 months in duration. During each Part (6 months), the candidate will be expected to attend weekend support workshops. Individual supervision will continue beyond Parts B, C and D, until a student has successfully completed the programme.

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Application Procedure

Not all doctoral programmes are created equal. The MANCOSA DBA has been developed to provide students with the optimal level of support during the course of their studies. Here are some of the reasons to choose the MANCOSA DBA:

  • Structured Doctoral Research Development Programme
  • Dual Supervision (Individual and Group)
  • Access to Electronic Resources
  • Dedicated Research Coordinator
  • Weekend Research Workshops
  • Focused Research
  • Proposal Development Support
  • Specialised Data
  • Analysis Services

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