List of Waldorf Schools in South Africa

By | September 3, 2019

List of Waldorf Schools in South Africa

The Federation of Waldorf Schools is an association of independent schools and teacher training institutions, which work out of the pedagogical indications of Rudolf Steiner.

It is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to further education as expounded by Rudolf Steiner and to encourage, assist and guide both new and existing Waldorf schools. A primary task is to ensure that the names ‘Waldorf?and ‘Rudolf Steiner?are only used by schools and institutions that are based on Rudolf Steiner education, as recognised by the Federation. The Federation holds the right of trademark on these names.

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To positively support all. htmlects of Waldorf education in the schools and to maintain a high standard of education at every level, in the spirit of the pedagogy inspired by the insights of Rudolf Steiner .

Michael Mount Waldorf School

Constantia Waldorf School

Michael Oak Waldorf School

Roseway Waldorf School

Village Waldorf School

Max Stibbe Waldorf School

Gaia Waldorf School

MC Gregor Waldorf School

Stellenbosch Waldorf School

Willunga Waldorf School

Hermanus Waldorf School

Dassenberg Waldorf School

Mount Barker Waldorf School

Raphaeli Waldorf School

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Imhoff Waldorf High School Campus

Inkanyezi Waldorf Centre