List Of Industrial Psychology Schools In South Africa

List Of Industrial Psychology Schools In South Africa

You will be required to take three major subjects, of which Human Resource Management, Psychology are compulsory major subject can be chosen from the following subjects: Anthropology, Communications, Business Management (Mathematics is an entry requirement), Information Management, Philosophy, Public Management

Here are the List Of Industrial Psychology Schools In South Africa

Industrial And Organisational Psychology – Unisa

Industrial Psychology – Stellenbosch University

Department of Industrial Psychology – UWC

What does an industrial psychologist do in South Africa?

Industrial Psychologist. Industrial psychologists study human behaviour in the work environment and are especially concerned with the adaptation and development of employees. Industrial psychologists use psychometric tests, interviews and assessment centres as aids in the selection process.

How many years does it take to become a industrial psychologist?

Since the bachelor’s degree takes four years, and the master’s adds two more years, the candidate can plan on being in school for at least six years. Industrial psychologists who are interested in teaching in academic settings or performing research can complete a Ph.D. program, which can take 3-5 years to finish.


How long does it take to study psychology in South Africa?

You will be looking at a minimum of five years’ full-time formal education in psychology. Before you can enter a directed Master’s degree programme, you will need a three-year Bachelor’s degree majoring in psychology (or the equivalent thereof), as well as an Honours degree in psychology.

How much does an industrial psychologist earn in South Africa?

An Industrial-Organizational Psychologist in Johannesburg earns an average salary of R245,631 per year. Experience strongly influences pay for this job. A skill in Organizational Development is associated with high pay for this job. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 10 years in this field.

Are industrial psychologists in demand?

“Psychologists will be in demand, but growth will be fastest in industrial and organizational psychology,” the article states. … Although clinical, counseling, and school psychologists will have 11% growth, industrial-organizational psychologists will enjoy a 26% growth in employment through 2018, the report states.