List Of Game Development Schools In South Africa

Game Development is the art of creating games and describes the design, development and release of a game. It may involve concept generation, design, build, test and release. While you create a game, it is important to think about the game mechanics, rewards, player engagement and level design.

Video game development is the process of creating a video game. The effort is undertaken by a developer, ranging from a single person to an international team dispersed across the globe.

Where To Study Game Development In South Africa?

Below is the list of game development schools in South Africa;

Game Design – Wits University

Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts

The Open Window Art Academy

Learn 3D Computer Animation School


Game Design and Development Degree | Vega School

University of Cape Town

How much does a game designer make in South Africa?

Within the United States, an entry-level game developer can expect to earn around $ 66,000 USD a year, with three years or less experience. In particular, compared to game designersgame developers make an average of R25,000 per month in South Africa.

What does a game developer do?

Game developers, more specifically known as video game developers or video game designers, are software developers and engineers who create video games. Game developers may be involved in various aspects of a game’s creation from concept and story writing to coding and programming.