List Of Actuarial Science Schools In South Africa

List Of Actuarial Science Schools In South Africa

Actuarial Science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries. It consists of a number of interrelated subjects such as probability and statistics, finance and economics.

Here are the List Of Actuarial Science Schools In South Africa

University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Department Actuarial Science

Wits University Department Actuarial Science

Stellenbosch University Department Actuarial Science

University of Cape Town Department Actuarial Science

University of Pretoria Department Actuarial Science

University of the Free State Department Actuarial Science


Is actuarial science a good degree?

Actuarial science, math, statistics, economics, business and finance degrees are all good training for an actuarial career. However, actuaries come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Actuaries may have majors in areas such as operations research, physics, engineering, and even fine arts.

What can I do with an actuarial science degree?

Graduates from an actuarial science degree program can also use their education to become business analysts, budget analysts, analysts intelligence agencies, research analysts, financial analysts, insurance underwriters or insurance claims adjusters

Why should I study actuarial science?

Not to be confused with mathematics or accounting, a degree in actuarial science teaches you to assess risk by leveraging statistics and analytics. … Actuaries use these skills to help companies, private corporations, and even the government make crucial decisions about how to manage risk.