Kilian Akademie


Kilian Akademie

Petra Kilian is working as a costume designer since 1995 for national and international film and television projects.

Since 1982 collaborations with various artiste and designers including Wolfgang Joop.

Petra Kilian’s profile on Crew United: 

She is a member of the German Film Academy and the German Academy of Television.

Petra Kilian lives and works in Hamburg and Berlin.

Artistic work

In her objects and retrospectives, Petra Kilian addresses socio-political aspects as well as current issues of contemporary history. She combines elements of handwork and sewing with modern materials. As a result, her work comments traditional crafts. The critical analysis and the terms, phrases and text collections that are staged allow views on the events and interpret the theme dealt with in a new way. In her works folk art combines with archaic approaches that convey a desire for originality. Petra Kilian’s empathy for the contents as well as her sensitivity and love for the nature of the materials define her art’s style. Complex and interconnected themes and structures are presented, invisible and yet unifying is made visible. The viewer is encouraged to be touched sensually from her labors.

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