IEFA Fire Fighting


IEFA Fire Fighting

IEFA fire fighting training will equip employees to prevent fires and to contain and/or extinguish an incipient-stage fire. Fire fighting training includes emergency evacuation procedures and how to alert the fire department.

Courses Offered At IEFA Fire Fighting

We offer two basic Fire Fighting courses and a Breathing Apparatus training course.

Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

Extended Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

Breathing Apparatus Training Course


Current Course Structures for Fire Training
Basic Fire Training: 8 hours, Minimum 8 students
Extended Basic Fire Training: 16 hours, Minimum 8 students
Breathing Apparatus Training: 8 hours, Maximum 8 students

Contact Details of IEFA Fire Fighting

Tel: +27 (0)11 822 3428

Neotel: +27 (0)11 056 8934Fax: 086 245 2111



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