How To Apply For CUT Residence

Apply to Residence

Only students who have been accepted academically by the CUT may apply.

Application forms for Residences at CUT must reach the Residence Office by the closing dates indicated below. Residence application forms that are not submitted directly to the office will not be processed. Forms can be submitted via the CUT website or check the form for other submission options.

Students will be placed based on the availability as our residences have limited space.

Banking details and application fees

Boarding Fees

The boarding fees payable by students annually or per semester covers only their accommodation for the duration of the academic quarter.

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Important Dates

Applications will open and close on the dates indicated below for residences.

Applications forOpen for SubmissionClosing Date
2nd Semester1 April30 April
20201 August31 August
First-years applying have no closing date.

Residence Application Form


Step 1: Ready your documentation

Download and complete: Application for Residence

  1. Complete the Residence Application Fillable PDF e-form:
  • Download the e-form to your computer.
  • Open the e-form and complete the application.
  • Save the e-form regularly while you are completing the document.
  • Be sure you have all the indicated documentation in the checklist on the e-form(page 5).
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If you would prefer to complete the printed version, return to Application for Residence process page.

Step 2: Submission

  1. Complete the information requested below in full.
  2. Attach the completed application e-form.
  3. Attach all the required documentation.