Highway College

Highway College

Highway College is a small Christian private school that accommodates children from from age 3 in pre-school to Grade 12. Classes are small and pupils receive individual attention in a caring environment. We offer a variety of extra-curricula activities and there is a strong emphasis on pupils being encouraged to be unique individuals. Our educators and greatest assets, most of whom have been a part of the team for many years, have a professional, caring attitude in developing Christian character and giving children a sense of vocation.

The school, formally known as Highway Christian Academy, was founded in 1991 by Chris Barnard. His aim was to provide Bible based education for Christian families. The school followed the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum but has for the last 12 years followed the mainstream CAPS curriculum. 

Our Mission: Highway College endeavours to lay Christian foundations of Grace and Knowledge which enable young people to live and work in the world as ambassadors for Christ.

Our Vision: Preparing Christian ambassadors for the workplace.


Right of admission to Highway College is reserved. The following procedure applies when making an application to Highway College.

  1. The application package is paid for and completed by parents/guardians.
  2. All required documentation is returned to the school.
  3. The application file is cleared by the Finance Department and is passed on to the Academic Office. If the application is not approved by the Finance Department the application is declined.
  4. The respective H.O.D.’s evaluate the potential candidate and schedule a date for testing to be done.
  5. The pupil comes to school for 1/2 days to write the entrance tests. He/She is required to wear his/her current school uniform and bring his/her own stationary
  6. The pupils must pass the tests in order to be eligible for acceptance.
  7. An interview is scheduled with the parents/guardians in order to inform them of the test results.
  8. A registration fee is paid to confirm the pupil’s place at Highway College.
  9. Should a pupil not take up their place at Highway College the place will then be forfeited and re-application will be required.
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  • Potential Preschool and Grade R pupils are not required to write an entrance test but may be asked to spend 2 days at school for observation and evaluation.
  • Potential Grade 1 pupils are required to write the Highway College Readiness Test. A result of 80% or more is required in order to be eligible for Grade 1 as well as a preference for children turning 7 in their grade 1 year. Grade 1 testing also includes an emotional and social evaluation carried out by the Preschool staff.
  • Foundation phase pupils write entrance tests in Numeracy and Literacy and must achieve a mark of 40% or more to be eligible for acceptance.
  • Intermediate phase pupils write entrance tests in Mathematics, English and Afrikaans. They must achieve a mark of 40% or more to be eligible for acceptance.
  • Senior and FET phase pupils write entrance tests in Mathematics, English and Afrikaans. They must achieve a mark of 40% or more to be eligible for acceptance.
  • Please note children applying from a long term remedial school will need an independent educational assessment to verify their readiness for mainstream schooling.


Application Fee (Non-refundable)
Preschool / Grade R / Grade 1 –12: R250,00

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Registration Fee (Non-refundable)
Preschool / Grade R / Grade 1 –12: R900,00

Annual Stationary Fee
Parents are responsible for the purchase of stationery for all grades.
Preschool only: R800.00
Grade 1 only (chair & homework bags / stationery case): R175.00

Annual Text Book Usage Fee
Grade 1 – 7: R570,00
Grade 8 -12: R700,00

Annual Events Fee (Preschool / Grade R / Grade 1-6)  R500

Consumer Studies (Grade 10-12 elect) R400 per term

High School Fees: R43 020 (R3 585/pm x 12 months)

Junior and Senior Primary Fees: R35 124 (R2 927/pm x 12 months)

Grade R Fees (Aftercare included): R28 956 (R2 413/pm x 12 months)

Preschool Fees (Aftercare included): R23 244 (R1 937/pm x 12 months)

After Care Fees (Permanent, Grade 1 – 6)
Full day (12h30 to 17h00): R695 monthly
Half day (12h30 to 14h30 or 14h00 to 17h00): R480 monthly
Casual Rate: R48 Per day

School Hours
Preschool: 7:40 – 12:30 Monday to Friday
Grade 1-2: 7:40 – 13:00 Monday to Thursday
Grade 3: 7:40 – 13:30 Monday to Thursday
Grade 4-6: 7:40 – 14:00 Monday to Thursday
Grade 1-6: 7:40 – 12:30 Friday
Grade 7-12: 7:40 – 14:30 Monday to Thursday
Grade 7-12: 7:40 – 13:00 Friday

Please note: Fees increase at a rate of 6-10% per annum

Contact Us

Email: marketing@highwaycollege.co.za
Visit: 18 Bishop Rd, Pinetown, 3610
(Corner of Beviss and Oppenheimer Street)
Call: 031 701 2239