Grootfontein College of Agriculture in Eastern cape Province

Grootfontein College of Agriculture in Eastern cape Province

The Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute is located outside the town of Middelburg in the Great Karoo, Eastern Cape, South Africa. It is commonly referred to as the “Grootfontein College of Agriculture” or just “Grootfontein”.

Grootfontein was established in 1911 and, as  one of the oldest agricultural colleges in South Africa, it has a proud training and research history contributing to the prosperity of livestock farming in the Karoo and other arid regions.

How to Apply

Applications for 2020 will open 1 June 2019 and close 31 August 2019.

New: Applications can be done online starting 1 June 2019 until 31 August 2019. This is the preferred method of application.

You can apply at (click to go to application page)

You can also download the application form (paper version)

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The basic task of this College is to provide vocational agricultural education and training to meet the demand for technically trained manpower for the small stock farming sector and related industries.  The formal training program offered at the College is a three year full-time program, leading to a Diploma in Agriculture at NQF level 6.     The general aim of the training program is to provide broad-based training in the principles, techniques and practical skills of stock production and farm management with special emphasis on the specific needs of the small stock farming sector in the extensive sheep and goat farming areas. The fields of study in the training program include the principles and practices of small stock production, business management, natural resource management and agricultural technical skills.

Diploma in Agriculture:  The Diploma in Agriculture runs over a minimum of three years of full-time study. The course consists of about 60% theory and 40% practical.  In the third year the students are expected to work more independently.  They must apply and integrate the knowledge and skills obtained during the first two years in the compilation of various projects, seminars and reports.   The students obtain practical experience on the so-called mini farms. A mini farm is a production system of at least 50 breeding animals, which is used by the students to farm for that year. During the third year, students also attend courses and qualifications presented by other organizations.  In the third year students undertake a number of tours and attend various shows, expos and farmers’ days.

Short courses:  Grootfontein offers various short courses that allow the public to be trained in certain aspects of agriculture.  More information about the short courses is available from the College

Admission requirements:  The minimum qualification for admission to the Diploma in Agriculture instructional program is a National Senior Certificate that meets the requirements set for a Diploma Course or a qualification that the College may recognize as equivalent.  Selection of candidates for the Diploma Course may further be carried out in accordance with any other criteria and procedures as determined by the College.  Candidates with a minimum mark of 50% in English will receive preference.  Subjects such as Mathematics, Life sciences and Physical sciences are preferred.  Accounting, Business study, Geography and Agricultural science will count in your favour.

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College fees are revised annually.  The breakdown of the College fees can be found further down the page.  An R271.00 deposit is charged upon acceptance as a student to the College.  Use your name and surname as reference on you deposit slips. The College fees consist of class fees, hostel accommodation, transport fees and meals.  On the day of registration as a first year student the amount for one semester is payable.  All fees for the semester should be paid within the first three weeks after the beginning of each semester.   

Other fees:  Depending on the performance of the student it may be necessary from time to time to pay the prescribed fee for supplementary examinations, repeat subjects and the remarking of examination papers.  None of the mentioned services will be rendered before payment is received and proved by an invoice from the finance office at Grootfontein.


Student association fees:  To enable students to participate in sport activities and undertake tours, money is payable to the Grootfontein Students Association.  These fees are limited to the Students Association, hostel fund, tie and tracksuit, breakage fund and travel and subsistence.  These fees are payable with the College fees and after all the fees have been paid, a transfer is made to the Students Association. The Students Association is a non-profitable organization and is audited annually.   Method of payment:  Fees can be paid in cash at the Finance office of Grootfontein.  Cheques can be issued to Director: GADI.  Money may be electronically transferred to the account of the College.

Default of payment:  A student who fails to pay the prescribed fees by the dates as prescribed, shall not be registered, and the Principal may:

o                    Exclude such student from the Hostel or College;

o                    Refuse admission to tests and examinations;

o                    Withhold the examination results and/or certificates until the outstanding fees have been settled in full.

o                    Students may not be allowed on tours that may lead to an incomplete and failed subject.

Procedures for Admission

  1. Applications for admission to the College must be completed on the prescribed forms and must reach the College on or before 30 August of the year preceding that for which application is made. (see “How do I apply” for more information)
  2. The minimum qualification for admission to the Diploma in Agriculture instructional program is a National Senior Certificate or such other qualification as the College may recognize as equivalent. Selection of candidates for the respective instructional programs may further be done in accordance with any other criteria and such procedures as may from time to time be determined by the College. Candidates with a minimum mark of 50% in either English or Afrikaans will receive preference. Subjects such as Mathematics, Life sciences and Physical sciences are preferred. Accounting economics, Geography and Agricultural science will count in your favour.
  3. Previously obtained qualifications and training will be recognized by the College where applicable.
  4. No prospective student may report for registration at the College unless he/she has been notified in writing by the Principal. Registration takes place on the prescribed date as announced by the College.
  5. The registration of new students is subject to the condition that a student shall submit his/her National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification, or any other qualification required for admission to a particular program, to the Registration Officer for recording purposes on or before a date as determined by the College.
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Rules for Students

  1. General
    1. Every student by signing the official registration form, become subject to the rules of the College as contained or referred to in these rules, which are administered in terms of the Rules for Student Discipline, and such rules which are prescribed by the College from time to time.
    2. The Principal may with the approval of the College Management suspend or cancel the registration of a student at any time.
    3. General supervision and control:
      the general supervision and control of student discipline and rules for students shall be the responsibility of the Principal who may delegate his powers.
      there shall be a Disciplinary Committee of which the membership, constitution and powers shall be as prescribed in the College rules for students.
    4. Students shall acquaint themselves with, and comply with, all the rules relating to students of the College. These rules may be amended at any time.
  2. Rules for Student Discipline Breach of Discipline and Misconduct
    • The general supervision and control of the discipline of students shall be vested in the College Management hereinafter referred to as the Management Committee, which may delegate its powers to the Principal of the College.
    • A student shall be subject to disciplinary action when an offence is committed through breach of discipline or misconduct within or without the precincts of the College which either in fact or could be prejudicial to or bring the name of the College in dispute, infringes on the maintenance of order and discipline at the College or the proper performance of the work of the College.

Contact details

 Postal address:

Private Bag X529
Eastern Cape

  Phone: +27 (0)49 802 6600
         or  +27 (0)49 842 1113
     Fax:  +27 (0)49 842 4352

Physical address:

Grootfontein Agricultural College

On N9 between Middelburg and Noupoort


Eastern Cape