Greenside Design Center College of Design Application Form 2019-2020


Greenside Design Center College of Design Application Form 2019-2020

About Greenside Design Center College of Design

Greenside Design Center is an internationally acclaimed, specialist design college focused on nurturing creative and innovative thinkers. Our philosophy is based on being Different by Design in order to train graduates to bring fresh ideas and new thinking to design tasks.

GDC offers a range of degrees, honours degrees and higher certificates in various design disciplines including graphic design, multimedia design and interior design.


• Each of our programmes are benchmarked against local and international standards to ensure each student receives the highest level of quality design education. 
• Our curriculum is modelled on workplace scenarios to give students a practical understanding of how they can use their skills in the real world. 
• Students have access to lecturers, resources and the latest software to help them fulfil their course requirements and hone their skills.

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Greenside Design Center College of Design Courses Offered

• Graphic design courses for the visual communicators interested in learning good design principals and creating beautiful visual compositions.
• Multimedia design courses for the tech-savvy individuals ready to marry their design ideas with the digital world.
 Interior design courses for those that think in three dimensions and want to create spaces that positively affect how we live life, every day.


Greenside Design Center is committed to providing students with the best resources for their design journey. Choose us today to start yours and see why we are Different by Design.

Admission Requirement

The first step to becoming a fully qualified and sought-after designer is to let us know you’re interested in enrolling with us. Complete the short form on the left, and we will contact you to set up an individual interview at a time convenient to you. Apply today!

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For the degree programmes:

  • Completion of National Senior Certificate with entry into Bachelor degree programmes.
  • A minimum of 60% in English as a first or first additional language in school
  • An ability to analyse and communicate ideas and concepts through a visual medium, to be demonstrated through an existing portfolio or by completing a drawing exercise at the college 

Application Form

Greenside Design Center College of Design Uses an online application form for its admission. You can fine the link to its admission portal below.

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