German International School Cape Town

German International School Cape Town

1. Method of Payment (one of the following)

  • Cheques may be paid to the administration office of the school or into our bank account: Nedbank Cape Town, Branch Code 100909, Account No 1009 418114
  • Cash payments only into the bank account specified on the School Fees form, with proof of payment sent to fax no. 021 480 3863 or by mail to;
  • electronic funds transfer (EFT) – proof of payment as above;
  • debit order;
  • credit card;
  • Should any cheque or debit order be dishonoured, the full amount thereof is payable onto the account of the DSK immediately. All resulting charges are to be borne by the parent concerned.
  • Any fees charged by the bank will be debited to the school fee account.
    For payments of Euros into our German bank account a handling fee of 5% will be applicable

2. Period of Payment and Payment Obligations

  •  School fees, as well as all other charges made, are due in full each quarter and are payable in full after despatch of the invoice.
  • Monthly payments will be permitted only on application and then only by debit order, with the annual amount required to be paid in full by the end of October in each year.

3. Discount

  • A discount of 3% on school fees will be granted if payment of the annual school fee is made in full prior to 15 February 2019. This discount does not, however, apply to fee increases, which may be implemented during the year.

4. Arrear Fees

  • Fees are in arrear if an invoice has not been settled within 30 days of the invoice date or if the school fees for the current year have not been paid in full by the first business day in November.
  • Parents will be reminded of arrear fees only once and when the notice period specified in the reminder has expired, the matter will immediately be handed to the DSK attorneys with instructions to issue summons without delay. All costs incurred in any legal process are recoverable from defaulting parents. In the case of non-adherence to the payment conditions the school reserves the right to withdraw a learner’s entitlement to participate in classes.
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5. Rebates and Deferment of Payments


  • Rebates and deferments of payments may be granted on application in special cases. Rebates are valid for a maximum of 4 quarters and must be re-applied for each year, in advance, if required. No reminders will be sent to existing rebate holders before the current rebate expiry date. Applications from applicants with fees in arrear will only be considered when such arrear fees have been paid in full. Rebates are not granted retrospectively. Any decision made by the Finance Committee after consideration of an application is final. An applicant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the application.

6. Notice of Termination of Enrolment at DSK

  • To withdraw a learner from the DSK, one full term’s notice must be given in writing to
  • Should parents fail to give such timeous notice, school fees are payable in full for the following term.

Cape Town, October 2018

IEB Fees

The “German stream” treaty between the German and South African governments stipulates the examination authority. This is in line with the other German Schools in Southern Africa and will enhance the quality of our education at the DSK. The examination authority responsible for all our exams is not the Western Cape Education Department, but the Independent Examination Board (IEB). A fee of R550 per term will therefore be payable by parents of Grade 10 – 12 learners.

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Guest learners at the DSK

The admission of guest learners at DSK is restricted. The minimum time of attendance is two terms (6 months). A shorter attendance of one term (3 months) might be granted for compelling reasons. Guest learners in the English stream are only accepted in Grade 10 & 11. The DSK reserves the right to restrict admission of guest learners in the interest of maintaining effective and efficient instruction in the classroom.
A one day visit of friends or family at the DSK is possible. Visits have to applied for at least three days in advance and must be authorised. A trial visit of up to three days is reserved for learners who want to get to know our school, eg. families considering relocating.

German International School Cape Town – Main campus

28 Bay View Avenue
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)21 480 3830
Fax: +27 (0)21 480 3863

Satellite campus Tygerberg

Jan Burger Sports Complex
De Grendel Road

Tel: 021 9306302