Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts Application Form 2020-2021

Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts Application Form 2020-2021

About Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts

Welcome to Friends of Design – Academy of Digital Arts, one of Cape Town’s leading institutions in design education, preparing students for their creative careers.

Founded in 2006 by a team of very passionate people, the academy officially opened its doors in 2007. Since that first day, we’ve been committed to exceptional education standards, and enjoy national and international industry accreditation, as well as being a recognised centre of Higher Education registered with the Department of Higher Education.

Throughout the years, Friends of Design has attracted staff and students from around the globe. This international network keeps our finger on the pulse of global trends and we constantly update our techniques and technology to keep our students on the cutting-edge of design.

Our passionate lecturers also play a vital role in keeping our academy current and connected. They’re all practising professionals in their fields, bringing invaluable real-world knowledge, contacts and insights to the table.

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On top of all this, our campus is pretty special – nestled in the beating heart of Cape Town’s city centre – the ideal spot for absorbing the local lifestyle and culture. This creative energy drives our classes, which remain firmly rooted in international best practices, and are designed to prepare our students for a creative career anywhere in the world.


Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts Courses Offered

In the dynamic industry of graphic design and visual communication, our Design Course will equip you with technical skills and creative tools to help you make your mark in this creative field.

This course sees concepts, creations and designs realised in full interactivity through both theoretical training and practical application in a world that is digitally led.

Stretch your mind and expand your skills with this evolved course that explores the realms of game technology for a variety of purposes and industries.

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This course has been designed to offer world class concept art education in South Africa. It begins with the focus on fundamentals which includes the study of perspective, drawing.

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Take the first step towards joining our tribe.

Applications for our full-time courses in Concept Art, Print, Web and Game are open. Visit our full-time course pages to explore your options, and get those portfolios ready. We look forward to seeing what you can do!

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