Field and Study Montessori Pre-School

Field and Study Montessori Pre-School

The Field & Study Monte sori Pre-school caters for children from the ages of 2 years yo five years old.Our operating hours are: 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. or 7:30 am to 2:00 pm The school is fully equipped with imported Montessori materials and offers extra mural activities which include : pottery, yoga, playball, monkeynastix, ballet and kindermusik.

Your child will enjoy weekly themes, baking, exciting art activities, mini concerts and many fun happenings which can include, puppet shows, educational talks, birthday rings, bakers days, picnics and many more

Programmes at Field and Study Montessori Pre-School


Toddler Programme – Bunny Group

Ages: 16 months to 3 years old

Our Toddler Programme (Bunny Group) offers children from 16 months to 3 years a unique and happy start to school and ensures self-development in a loving, warm atmosphere of special understanding and support taking into account their individual needs. Our Toddler programme encourages vocabulary development, independence, and self-confidence.

  • Circle time – These are daily gatherings of the Montessori class and occur at the beginning and end of the day as well as at transition times. Circle time includes: singing, rhymes, story time, naming of colours, shapes, identifying body parts, theme discussions, picture cards, weather chart, dance/mime, grace and courtesies and more.
  • Lessons/Activities These take place during the course of the morning. Each child is invited to work with a special Montessori activity and taught individually with the concrete Montessori materials. Children are given one to one lessons each day with the teacher. It includes direct and indirect aims, control of error, points of interest, and extensions.
  • Practical Life Practical Life activities are the traditional works of the family and home. They allow children to gain independence and self-discipline, develop gross and fine motor skills, build concentration, as well as indirectly prepare for math and writing.
  • Sensorial Sensorial work covers every quality that can be perceived by the senses. The purpose and aim of Sensorial work is for the child to acquire clear, conscious, information and to be able to then make classifications in the environment. The Sensorial and Practical Life work is unique to the Montessori classroom.
  • Grace and Courtesy Toddlers are in a sensitive period for learning good manners and becoming aware of being part of a community. Common courtesies such as saying please and thank you, how to share with others, waiting your turn and how to interrupt are presented as role play lessons to the children.
  • In the garden This is a time for fun play, social interaction and exploration of the children’s garden. Motor co-ordination groups and games are held in the garden on a weekly basis. Our beautiful large play areas consists of scented flowers, home grown vegetables, wooden jungle gyms, sandpits, a trampoline, outside toys and wild rabbits .
  • Creative art Children participate in daily art activities according to the weekly theme as well as sensory /water play and free painting.
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Pre-School Programme – Hippo Group

Ages: 3 – 5 years old

Our Montessori classroom offers a stimulating environment.The concrete materials in the classroom allow the children explore the world through their senses, through touch and motion, and by observing and engaging with others. One main feature of Montessori education is its hands-on approach to learning. Children work with specially designed materials, manipulating and investigating until they master the lesson inside. Teachers guide students through the curriculum as children are ready for each new challenge, introducing lessons and then letting children practice what they have learned. As children grow, the classroom materials grow with them in the sense that older children use the materials to explore curriculum in new and deeper ways.

The 3-5 year old goes through an intense period of change, including the transition to cooperative play and more complex social interactions, a language explosion leading to beginning skills in writing and reading, the emergence of number sense and the foundations of math, and great changes in physical development. The Montessori teacher responds to these changes in social and emotional, cognitive, and physical development with appropriate lessons to support each children’s growth and emerging capabilities.


The Fields Montessori Pre-School offers an organised aftercare programme for your convenience. Our aftercare programme is an extension of our half day programme, making sure that your child is stimulated in the afternoon.

Our programme will go as follows:
  • 13:00 : Register will be taken, thereafter children can participate in the following:
  • Planned afternoon art activity.
  • Sensory activity.
  • Ball games gross motor development.
  • Work with the Montessori materials.
  • Nap time.
  • Bike time
  • Work with playdough
  • Free Play
  • Children will have their packed snack and drink (or provided healthy snack from school if charged)
  • 16:00 : Home time, However you may fetch your child anytime before.


Holiday Crafts Programmme

Ages 14 months to 5 years

We have planned something special todo everyday, your child will create something extra special to take home and participate in gross motor/sensory lessons, circle time, games, puzzles, bike time, nature walks and much more!

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Our Holiday Programme runs from 8:00am to 12:00pm-12:30pm

Admission to Field and Study Montessori Pre-School


Step 1:

Book an appointment with us to view our beautiful Montessori Pre-School on BOOK A VISIT

Step 2:

Complete and send the registration form

Step 3:

Pay the non-refundable deposit of R1800.00 to secure your child’s place at the school.

Step 4:

Complete your child’s enrolment form

Please note:

Your child’s enrolment must be completed and hand delivered to the school before admission.

Field and Study Montessori Pre-School Forms


An original completed copy of the enrolment form must be completed and handed to the school before admission.

Please click here to download the 2019 enrolment form:


Please click here to download the 2020 enrolment form:


Please note that these documents are copyrighted and may not be duplicated.

Field and Study Montessori Pre-School Fees

Please see the school fee information below for 2019 and 2020.

Unlike other schools, additional fees are included in the fee structure for your convienience and there will be no additional charges for the following:

Annual levy fee, parent body fee, annual entertainment fee, weekly baking fee, annual Montessori material fee and security fees.

Our tuition fees are structured to provide educational excellence along with all the imported Montessori equipment to enable your child to reach his/her full potential.

Fee Structure 2019

Please click here to download the 2019 fee structure:

2019 Tuition Fees
Fee Structure 2020

Please click here to download the 2020 fee structure:

2020 Tuition Fees

Contact details:

083 600 6833

Fields Montessori School

45 Louise Ave,

Field and Study Park,



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