Durban University of Technology DUT Courses Offered

Durban University of Technology DUT Courses Offered

  • Accounting and Informatics
  • Applied Science
  • Arts and Design
  • Engineering and the Built Environment
  • Health Sciences
  • Management Sciences


3 years full-time

Entry Requirements:
Durban University of Technology Courses, South African Grade 12, or equivalent. A good command of English is essential as lectures and text books are in English. A prior involvement in video, photography, graphic design or drama would be an advantage as would Computer literacy. The limited places are then offered after qualifications have been reviewed and applicants have been interviewed.

Durban University of Technology Courses, Please note: there are many more applicants who apply for the course than can be offered places. Meeting minimum requirements in no ways guarantees placement on the course

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Subjects in the course:
Introduction to Television: Theory and Programme making
Television Production Theory 1 : Camera and Lighting 1, Script Writing 1; Sound 1; Editing 1; Computers
Television Production Theory 2: Camera and Lighting 2, Script Writing 2; Sound 2; Editing 2; Production Management
Television Production Theory 3: Directing
Communication in Video: 1
Communication in Video: 2
Communication in Video: 3
Television Electronics
Television Appreciation and Development :1
Television Appreciation and Development: 2
Practical Television Production: 1
Practical Television Production: 2
Practical Television Production: 3


1 year, post diploma

Entrance Requirements:
Above average achievement in the N. Dip: Video Technology, or equivalent 3 year diploma or degree, is required. In addition, applicants will be requested to present themselves for an interview and assessment.Sponsored Links

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Subjects in the course:
Television Production Theory 4
Students focus on refining concepts and content for productions and pitching these ideas to a panel. Courses include marine videography, broadcast management, business skills and independent producing.

Practical Television Production 4
A variety of practical training is offered including: