Crane Fire fighting School

Crane Fire fighting School

After the learning process a students is awarded a nqf certificate and becomes qualified firefighter earning an average salary of R98 per hour. Skills are attained at the fire fighting training centre at minimal fees.

Courses Offered At Crane Fire fighting School

Modules for firefighter course and their duties and responsibilities include


Study unit 1: Types of Fires

Definition of a fire

Elements of a fire

Classification of fire

Conditions of a fire

Common sources of heat

Transmission ways in which a fire spread

Study unit 2: Fire Prevention

Goals of fire prevention

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Fire hazards

Preventative measures

Study unit 3: Housekeeping

Why is good housekeeping important?

General housekeeping guideline

Do’s and Don’ts

Study unit 4: Fire Fighting

Know the use of different types of fire extinguishers

How to operate a fire extinguisher

Fire hoses

Study unit 5: Fighting Fire

Make the correct decision in the process of fighting a fire

Fighting a fire

Fighting the fire

Procedure after the fire

Handing over to the emergency services


Methods of extinguishment


Courses Training Fees At Crane Fire fighting School

Fire fighting (1-2)

Fees – R 4000

Duration – 7 days

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Crane Fire fighting School Contact Details

Mob: +2773 851 9937
Tel: +2731 829 5855
Durban Address: 7 Soldier Way street Durban
Johanneburg Address: 199 President street Germiston

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