Action Training Academy

By | September 13, 2019

Action Training Academy

“Real action heroes are those who take action in defending themselves, others and/or their property. Many times an actual physical confrontation is not even required.  Your appearance, behavior, or verbal exchanges are all the action required to be a hero. When you can take your family to a movie or perhaps your girlfriend to dinner at a restaurant and keep everyone safe, you are a hero.” Bart Mitcham How to Become a Real Life Action Hero

“Your job in a fight is to win and survive. If you are losing your tactics suck!”

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“Heroes are not lucky — they are prepared to take action if required, have the willingness to jump into action if needed and the ability to get the job done.” Bart Mitcham How to Become a Real Life Action Hero.

We offer training for the beginner to the advanced operator, Firearms Training, Executive Protection, Hand to Hand Combat, Family Protection, Urban and Suburban Survival, Self Defense, and Tactical  Driving. Also we customized classes for all your needs. Class locations are any where that meets your needs, basic instruction is in the Metro Atlanta Georgia Area and North West Georgia.

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Please contact us for more information, and prices on all classes.Ask about Military discounts for active duty, reservists, and retired military.