Abbots College Centurion

Abbots College Centurion

Abbotts College offers a unique approach to education by following a very focused educational pathway. Our vision is to create an environment where we engage with and encourage all students to fulfil their individual potential and pursue their dreams through our value system.
We believe that every student is able to develop and achieve academic success.

We provide all our students with values and skills while embracing diversity and treating them as young adults. We follow a structured and organised routine that enables our students to become increasingly independent by managing themselves and their learning. Paramount to our success is our belief in the value of effective communication and co-operation between the teacher, student and parent. 
We don’t merely employ just any teacher. Our teachers are hand-picked and willing to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every student reaches their potential. 

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Abbotts College focuses on the individual learning needs of each student. Through this, we are able to identify their learning abilities of focus on them in order to achieve success. We nurture and encourage each student’s individuality; we embrace diversity, self-expression and freedom of choice. Treating our students as young adults builds character, creates accountability and responsibility. 


We value input and collaborative learning through discussion with our students

We value young minds that can think for themselves

Our classrooms are places of academic growth and improvement


Each prospective student attends a personal interview with the college principal or deputy principal with his/her parents. During the interview the subjects which best suit the student’s needs and aspirations are selected and discussed with the principal. 
A program is then designed to ensure that the student will enjoy college life and be given the best opportunity to enter his/her chosen career. Academically, the only pre-requisite is that the student has passed the previous grade to the one he/she is applying for.
For our international students this process may be completed via the internet, e-mail and/or fax in those countries not visited by our representatives.

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